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Description: Description: Sophia The Holy SpiritPaperback, 36 pages

 $ 6.50   Order copy here

 $ 1.50   ebook from Kindle Store


This booklet will help a Christian know and relate to the Holy Spirit in a true human way.  This is Her moment in history. It began on Pentecost Sunday. With Her a Christian is a full complete born again person.







Description: Description: [product thumbnail]

 Paperback, 68 pages

$  2.00    ebook from Kindle Store 

$  2.00    ePub edition

This is a book of parables that may help any man who had difficulties developing into adult life. Each parable offers an opportunity for meditations that can release repressed fears and angers that are still living within, but which desire healing.


 Paperback, 24 pages

$7.50  Order copy here

$1.50 ebook from Kindle Store


Don’t you think it’s time? Don’t you think it’s time? Yes, I do!”

 A wonderful invitation from the Judd Sisters’ song “Love Can Build a Bridge.”  This little booklet challenges us all to be love so that bridges are built. It will challenge you in your thoughts and feelings because love and our expressions of it have become so confused and misunderstood.

Take the challenge. Read it and be lost with its thought. Let’s find our love within so that we can share it will all, and that includes our beloved Triune God.




sunrise title

Paperback, 126 pages

$10.00  Order copy here

$2.00 ebook from Kindle Store


The Biography of Teo, the Hermit.


Paperback, 74 pages

$ 9.00   Order copy here.

$ 2.50    ebook from Kindle Store


This is a book about the spirituality of relationships. All that we need to help us

grow physically and spiritually exists in our daily lived relationships. They are the  catalysis for our growth. The mystics of old have called this Path the road to a mystical spiritual marriage with one of the Divine Persons.






 Paperback, 192 pages

 $10.00  Order copy here

 $  6.50 ebook from Kindle Store


The Spirituality of Relationships is a compendium of four books from the writings of Teo, a hermit.

     1.        Sophia, the Divine Feminine

     2.        A Path to Divine Intimate 


     3.        The Odyssey of Teo

                                     4.        The Divine and

                                                   Human Fatherhood






     El Evangelio Del


     “La Salida” de un



       La Ermita – The    




 24 Paquinas

$7.50  Pedir copia aqui

$1.50  ebook de Kindle


 Nos conocerán como cristianos por nuestro amor. Es la hora de mostrar por nuestros hechos que somos cristianos. Este librito va a desafiarnos a crear puentes en el amor, amistades, pensamientos y sentimientos de amor: amor incondicional. Muchos de nosotros estamos confundidos sobre que es el amor para un cristiano.

Es posible que esto existe porque nuestro Dios no es realmente Dios. Acepta el desafío, lea el librito y después busca este amor más a fondo. Dios nos ama.



 Paperback, 45 pages

$5.00  Order copy here

$1.00  ebook


Excellent for dialogue and meditation concerning the unity of the seven chakras with the seven sacramentes, seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and seven captial sins.


          49 paginas

          $5.00 Pedir copia aqui

          $1.00 ebook


          Este librito es excelente para 


          Se muestra la conexión entre los siete

          chacras, siente sacramentos, siete

                                    dones de Espiritu Santo y siete pecados  capitales.





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Los dos folletos nuestros son gratuitos para cualquier persona usar en sus mensajes de correo electrónico. No están hechas para la impresión como un folleto tríptico. El Evangelio del Amor es un resumen de nuestro folleto anterior. ¿El Fruto del Amor, Ahora Prohibido? es un folleto que solo compartimos con otros folletos de VIH/SIDA cuando los jóvenes y adultos mayores nos buscan para pruebas de VIH.


Our two brochures are free for anyone to use in emails. They are not made for printing as a trifold brochure. The Gospel of Love is a resume of our booklet above. The Fruit of Love, Now Forbidden? is a pamphlet that we share alone with other HIV/AIDS pamphlets as we reach out to young and older adults who seek HIV testing.









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